"A Spoon of Health, Taste, Quality; Queen's Quinoa"

Queens Quinoa is a company specialized in the production of Quinoa and its value-added products since 2013. Our brand was born out of the idea that Quinoa is something exciting to be brought to India.

Quinoa is a seed that is nutrient-packed, higher in protein than grains and gluten-free. It comes with many health benefits like reducing inflammation, supporting the immune system & stabilizing blood sugar levels.

Queens Quinoa is the first brand in India to have built a strong network of direct and indirect farmers. We operated across Seed Management, Sustainable Farming Practices, Farmer Support during Cultivation to Harvesting.

Queens Quinoa – is the first Indian brand to launch 100% Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified, and Vegan-Friendly Quinoa products.

Our knowledge, expertise and passion have helped us become the only company in India to have a state-of-the-art processing facility that produces value-added products.

Our Quinoa products range from Purity, Health, Taste & Nutrition. Our portfolio includes Organic and Non-Organic Quinoa Grain, Cold-Pressed Quinoa Flour, protein-rich Quinoa Flakes, Toasted Quinoa Seeds, Wholesome Quinoa Protein Powder, Quinoa Flakes, Ready to Eat Quinoa Chips & Baked Quinoa Crisp, Quinoa Protein Bar and many more.

We also manufacture India's only Organic Cold Pressed Quinoa Flour, which is used to make products like Bread, Cookies, Brownies, Cakes and Biscuits etc.

"Our Values: Making a difference in people's lives, Creating quality products, Passion for innovation, commitment to excellence."

"Our mission is to create health-conscious consumers who will make a difference by eating healthy, nutritious and delicious food. We aim to make eating healthy an easy option for everyone."

"Quinoa is a healthy supergrain with a nutty taste, which was unheard of in India till 2015. The first value proposition to our customers is to offer Quinoa at a price that is 10% cheaper than our competitors. We also believe that we need to provide our customers with more information about Quinoa and its health benefits, so we offer them a full range of information about Quinoa, Quinoapedia and the health benefits of Quinoa."

We don't just grow Quinoa; we grow Businesses. Businesses that are Healthy, Sustainable and Successful

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